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Vaarni: 1002 Hans Pendant 46

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Vaarni: 1002 Hans Pendant 46, designed by Hans-Agne Jakobsson

Diameter: 46 cm H: 33 cm Cable length: 250 cm

The warm glow of light filtering through pine veneer combined with an unexpectedly graphic and elemental form is the enduring appeal of these iconic designs by Hans-Agne Jakobsson. When Vaarnii began exploring the use of pine wood in lighting design, it quickly became clear that the iconic designs of Hans-Agne Jakobsson from the 1960’s could not be bettered. Pine is used efficiently; it’s tone and grain are employed to maximum effect in designs that project material mass but boast actual lightness. Vaarnii has re-engineered three of Jakobsson’s pendant designs using solid Finnish pine to support circular strips of high-quality pine veneer and adding a new solid wood ceiling rose, reintroducing these classic 20th century designs to the market after decades of absence.

Please note, all Vaarni products are shipped from Finland and the estimated delivery time is 4-6 weeks. Some pieces we have in store but most of them have to be ordered.