Arranging Things is a company founded and run by Lisa Milberg and Leo Forssell. We work with interior decoration and set design, music supervision and various forms of curation. When we first moved into our office (in 2018) it happened to come with a storefront so we figured we'd also operate some kind of an occasional store from there too. Since then we have moved to a much bigger space and the store has become a more permanent part of things.
So, now you'll find our office/showroom/gallery and physical shop at Hornsgatan 79. The shop is open* Wednesday – Friday from noon – 6 pm and on Saturdays from noon – 4pm. The shop is a great excuse for us to keep finding and collecting things that catch our eye and also a good way to make sure we keep our office presentable and inspiringOur main goal with the shop is to offer a unique selection of objects and furniture, new and old, in a hopefully interesting mix. Our inventory is 100% based on what makes us happy. We also strive to primarily stock items you can’t find elsewhere in Stockholm (or sometimes anywhere) which reflects how we feel about interior decoration in general: Keep it personal and go for something not everyone else already has. Do the right feng! 
Please note: The physical store have pieces you won't find in the webshop and vice versa.  
*We always announce on instagram when our store hours change so check there before heading to the physical store please.