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Arranging Things

Vaarni: 006 AA Bench by Kwangho Lee

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Vaarni: 006 AA Bench, designed by Kwangho Lee

L 40 x W 180 x H 45 cm 

A whole pine log runs through the centre of the AA Bench, sandwiched between a seat and an inverted V form. The bench is a blunt and honest presentation of its raw material: pine sections are unpretentiously stacked as though in a timber yard. And yet joining together these hefty elements requires substantial carpentry skill. Exploring material connections is a preoccupation in Kwangho Lee’s work. Here, he has turned that attention into a design that is both brutal and direct, yet delicate and reserved too.

Please note, all Vaarni products are shipped from Finland and the estimated delivery time is 4-6 weeks. Some pieces we have in store but most of them have to be ordered.