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Vaarni: 005 Lounge Chair by Max Lamb

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Vaarni: 005 Lounge Chair, designed by Max Lamb

L 64 x W 66 x H 72 cm 

The Lounge Chair by Max Lamb is a tough piece of furniture. Yet a hard-as-nails first impression soon gives way to a visual softness and physical comfort. Lamb explains that he began by investigating pine; how it is grown, sawn, received, sold. His approach thereafter was logical; choosingoff-the-shelf sections of wood and piecing them together to create a large surface area and logical form. Material is scooped out of the building block-like forms to make two ample convex recesses, revealing the characterful grain within. The result is a strikingly singular chair ‘mathema ical in its approach and transparent in its construction’ says Lamb.

Please note, all Vaarni products are shipped from Finland and the estimated delivery time is 4-6 weeks. Some pieces we have in store but most of them have to be ordered.