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Vaarni: 002 Ast Stool

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002 Ast Stool  for Vaarni, designed by Dimitri Bähler.

L 26 x W 51 x H 45 cm

Made with an eye for strength and simplicity, the Ast Stool by Dimitri Bähler is intended as an essential piece of furniture. The stool is sturdy but compact, constructed from fat sections of solid pine softened by gently curved edges. A stool is the most archetypal and humble of vernacular objects; easily made and heavily used. Ast is that and more; an extremely tough and versatile piece of furniture to be used as a side table, bench, or seat.

Please note, all Vaarni products are shipped from Finland and the estimated delivery time is 4 weeks. Some pieces we have in store but most of them have to be ordered.