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Eyes of my mind - Spiritual Stash Box

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Spiritual Stashbox by Eyes of My Mind is a carefully curated collection of scents rooted in ritual & ceremony across space & time. Representing the four natural elements, Incense, White Sage and Palo Santo burn upon an Abalone Shell with Sea Salt and a Beeswax Candle. For your spiritual journey and cozy delight.

Abalone Shell Altar is sustainably farmed in the Pacific Northwest of the USA.

Sea Salt Stones are naturally cultivated from waters of the North Sea in Norway.

Candle for Flare is made from pure beeswax left over after honey cultivation, with no added dyes or fragrance, from beekeeping communities in Öland Sweden.

Incense extracts are hand-harvested, sun-dried and hand-rolled from pure ingredients developed over 3 generations in Bengaluru, India. Natural Oudh on Magenta Bamboo Sticks to inspire Rituals of Creativity. Blend of Oman, Vetivert oil & Jatamansi on Golden Bamboo Sticks to inspire Rituals of Calm.

White Sage Torch is grown and hand-harvested from shrub farm fields in Baja California, Mexico

The kindle of Palo Santo, or Sacred Wood, is sustainably cultivated years after the tree's natural death in permitted wild, dry forests in Northwestern Peru

The Stashbox is designed, manufactured from recycled paper and hand-assembled in Stockholm, Sweden.