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DIO shelf/room divider by Gustav Winsth

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DIO Shelf / Sculpture / Room divider
Size: W: 140 cm L: 45 cm H: 230 cm
Material: Base made out of granulated rubber waste, casted as one solid piece. Shelf ends in gradient anodized aluminium. Shelves in anodized aluminium, held together with stainless steel rods and locking rings.  
Context: Graduation project

Gustav Winsth about Dio:
"The DIO shelf is the result of an exploration of sneaker aesthetics with regard to shapes, materials, and the underlying subcultures that make its foundation. The wild and intrepid aesthetic of sneakers gives rise to thoughts about volume, color, and material which, when applied to an item of furniture, falls into the expressive category that I consider essential if one is to create a stimulating and personal home environment.

DIO has imitated and developed the trend of adding a share of granulated waste material when casting the sole of the sneaker. By examining the recycled rubber granulate as the principal material when casting complex geometries and exposing the raw waste, value is created in a climate-smart aesthetic.

The gradient dyeing on the aluminum profiles was achieved by an experimental anodizing technique to create a shifting transition, from the expressive design language and material of the foot to the shelf's crisp form."